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holyglacE KaY

Mixing Blood Japanese ( JAPAN, KOREA, U.S.A. ) had used to playing NINJA around York City,

Arrested in 2005.

Used to be call Gold Digger, Nasty Girl, 3 eyed Monster etc.

Themes of making stuff are usually Slavery, Sexual Identity, Business has no care on Girls,

War Business etc...generally, Business without Heart.

These themes always come out into my art stuff If I was conscious or not.

I feel this is good way to appear what should I make as JAPANESE.

When I had finished making Customized denim (Top photo),

my mind was changed from anger on unfairness btw MEN & WOMEN to

discovery the slavery from JEANS, mean where Indigo & Cotton came from like that.

So I don't wanna stop making art stuff.

《my style》

I do work like HIPHOP track maker,

like sampling, cutup, pull beats down on making.

my big bro call my works "BREAK BEATS ART WORK",

I love this code name.


copyright 2012 Kay Tagawa All Rights Reserved.

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